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 A Step Above The Rest 

The longer a business stays open, the more wisdom they gain. Alco Iron & Metal Company had an advantage when its doors were first opened in 1953, we were built off of our family’s strength and experience. Standing tall today, 60 years later, the wisdom we’ve accumulated can’t be found in any textbook or classroom.

The family owned and operated system we’ve built is a result of blood, sweat and tears. While we were continuously pushing to become the best full-service scrap metal provider in Pittsburg, CA, we decided to take our efforts a step further. We wanted to hear from you, the customer.

The secret to the Alco Iron & Metal advantage is our connection with the community. Not only has our company been passed down through four generations of our family, we’ve been serving four generations of yours as well. Our hard work and expertise fostered our dream but it was our willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers that kept us in the lead.

Alco Iron & Metal Company


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